An Oasis of Art, Architecture, and Landscape Design since 1860.



**We ask that all visitors entering the cemetery conduct themselves in a respectful manner**


 Tour Groups: Please register in Main Office prior to arrival.

School Groups: Please have students stay within their assigned groups and always with adult supervision. Independent projects are not allowed.

Large Vehicles: Tour Buses and other large vehicles are not permitted inside the gates.

(Drop-offs on North Clark Street - north of the Cemetery entrance)

Passenger Cars: Reduce speed below 20 mph cars may park on road, please avoid grassed areas.

**The following activities are prohibited on cemetery grounds:

Leisurely recreational activities, such as Roller Skating, Rollerblading, Skateboarding, Ball playing, Frisbee use and the playing of musical instruments.

Pets or animals (except assistance animals)

Students Drivers practicing in cemetery

Climbing upon monuments, markers or trees



o Handheld, still photography only

o No Monopods, Bipods and Tripods

o No commercial photography or use of "props"

o Filming and/or videotaping is strictly prohibited


Painting, sketching or any use of artist’s materials and tools (i.e., easels, oils, chalks, etc.)

Blankets, Towels or Sunbathing

Picnicking - Food, Alcohol

Disturbing Plant Life - Feeding Wildlife

Fishing, Swimming in Lake Willowmere or walking, or skating on its ice

Damage to Monument/Structure or any Cemetery Property

All inquiries and requests should be addressed to the Cemetery Office Telephone (773) 525-1105 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.